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What would you give up in order to protect the One you love?

Katy seemingly has no choice but to move on from the life she desires with Liam given the threats looming by her ex-husband Charles. With her marriage behind her and new design business booming, Katy experiences a glimpse of happiness. The only thing that has stalled is her personal life as Liam is never far from Katy’s mind and heart. However, the threats by her ex-husband are powerfully persuasive to force her to attempt getting past the life she hoped to have with Liam. 

Katy soon learns this is going to be harder than she could ever imagine when Liam unexpectedly shows up at her office with a business proposal. Unable to resist him, she decides to deal with her ex later. But before she is able to, she receives a phone call that he knows she has seen Liam; and, Katy reluctantly meets with Charles. When he offers her a new proposition, one in which she could be with Liam, Katy is hopeful and has a decision to make. 

What Charles does not bank-on are Liam’s unwavering desire to protect what is his; the bond Katy has developed with Liam is unbreakable; and, Katy’s confidence to live her life on her own terms is stronger than ever. All of these will be huge factors in what plays out. Knowing she may never be completely free from her ex-husband’s control in exchange to be with the one she loves, will Katy finally get the happily ever after she desires with Liam; and, if so, how much will it cost her in the end?

When it comes to happiness, the power to choose it is always ours.
Always Ours