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The Mysterious Mr. Blackstone 
C. R. Lemons


When two unsteady souls, in totally different life stages, cross paths at just the moment that each needs the other most... 

Rachel Trammel is an associate attorney, fresh out of law school, and works for the Law Firm of Mason, Blackstone & Thorpe. Always hiding behind her glasses and blending into her surroundings, Rachel is oblivious to the beauty she holds which is only enhanced by her sweet and humble nature. She works hard as a first-year attorney and entertains herself through observation along with a very active imagination. 

The one person who inspires and makes regular appearances in Rachel’s imagination is her immediate boss and senior partner, Cameron Blackstone. Mr. Blackstone is a distinguished, charismatic, steel-blue eyed dream, who causes Rachel’s sexual fantasies to run wild at the most inappropriate times. 
With his dark past and mysterious habits of rarely being seen during the daytime, Rachel amuses herself with the many possibilities to the reasons why and even entertains the idea that Mr. Blackstone may be a vampire.

As these two spend time together, working on their cases, Mr. Blackstone begins urging Rachel past her comfort zone and as a result she unknowingly chisels away at his deep-seated barriers. A mutual attraction seems to develop, but is hindered by the shadows that lurk in Mr. Blackstone’s past. When the truth is finally exposed, will it bring them closer together or will it be too heavy of a burden for Rachel to carry?

...they will either balance each other out and become better versions of themselves, at the hands of the other’s encouragement; or, resist each other’s hands to only fall deeper into apprehension.


"I thoroughly loved the book, C.R. Lemons has a way of making her characters come to life. A detailed story line added with humor content works beautifully. The back and forth bantering with Rachel and her neighbor Lennox is sublime. Let's not forget Mr. Blackstone, smooth, mysterious, intriguing, and oh SEXY! I was completely absorbed from the beginning and did not put the book down till the last page was read. C.R. Lemons is an extremely talented author and never disappoints. Pick up you copy today, I can assure you all, you will definitely love it." - Reader Review
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Naturally His 
C. R. Lemons & Steel Rogers


Sometimes change is beyond our control. Then there are other times when change is a complete choice...

After her husband of thirteen years has an affair, Katy Andrews kicks him out of their house and finds herself unhappily married. She never thought she would be considering divorce and to add to the already complicated situation, the two own a general contracting business together. As a result, she is in a state of limbo afraid of changing her comfortable lifestyle and not knowing what to do. She just wakes up every morning and continues the same routine, making the best of a life that she had not planned for. 

That all changes when Katy accidently sends an inappropriate email, meant for her sister, to her clients’ architect, Liam Scott. She could have never suspected, in her wildest imagination, what ends up transpiring. The extremely charming Liam offers Katy the role of her lifetime. Although cautious, she is captivated by him and willingly submits to his intriguing proposition. Under his control, Liam becomes a dominant presence in Katy’s life, guiding her through the darkness, as a strong bond develops. 

Ending up on an unexpected journey of self-discovery, Katy realizes her comfortable lifestyle with her cheating husband does not even compare to the one Liam introduces her to and the one she has always been destined for.

She was lost in unhappiness until he came into her life and she blindly followed him as he led her to understanding who she is, Naturally His.

"This is a D/s erotic romance with all the hotness and sizzle that make you want to keep turning those pages. I loved everything about this book and would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a hot, delicious, naughty read." - Reader Review

"This book is so hot, sexy, and steamy. If you love reading about Dom/ subs then this is a perfect book for you." - Reader Review

"I loved this book, I must tell you though, after reading this you will need a cold shower......or five!!!" - Reader Review
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Fractured Wings 
C. R. Lemons


Just when the time has come to spread your wings and fly on your own, life has other plans and anchors you to the ground...

Alex Sutherland has lived a charmed, small town life, which has been perfectly mapped out. As a recently engaged law school graduate, she is on the cusp of starting her new life and career in the big city. However, her carefully laid out plan is instantly halted when she is attacked while out for a run on the last day at her childhood home.

Although her physical wounds have healed, she is plagued with constant nightmares and recurring memories of the brutality. At her lowest moment, Alex finds her strongest support from Anthony Gabrielli, the FBI agent in charge of her case. Through his subtle encouragement, she takes steps to reclaiming her prior self, even though her assailant has not been caught. When she discovers she is still being targeted, she decides to face her fears and becomes determined to find out what lurks in the shadows. 

When the evil is revealed and plays out like an apocalyptic crumbling of her sweet home town, will Alex be unable to survive the disastrous outcome, or have the strength to break free so she may finally soar on her own terms?


"An amazing story by C. R.! So suspenseful I couldn't put it down!" - Reader Review

"I really enjoyed this book, I could not put it down. There were twists and turns that I didn't see coming, and C.R. is just a very good writer. She keeps you interested. I really love how the main character didn't stay down and was able to come back from her ordeal. This is my second book from her and I believe she is definitely one of my faves!!"
- Reader Review