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Getting Him Off Series
Unconventional murder mysteries wrapped in an unexpected, spicy love story. 

Getting Him Off is a series of five erotic thriller novels centered around murder investigation by a criminal defense team in order to prove their client’s innocence, told through the eyes of investigative Paralegal extraordinaire Daisy Sinclair. This series is fascinating and entertaining as it follows Daisy’s many adventures during the investigations as well as her developing steamy personal relationship with her partner criminal defense investigator Warren Cole.

Each novel is centered on individual case files and ends with the conclusion of the investigation. However, Daisy and Warren’s personal relationship heats up throughout the entire series.

An enjoyable mysterotica series full of laugh-out-loud, tear-jerking, screaming, cheering, and overall feel-good moments.

Fractured Wings
The Mysterious Mr. Blackstone
Poetry Collection
Naturally His Series

After being brutally attacked, a woman discovers she still being targeted, who and why becomes her obsession, she will find out or die trying in this fast-paced psychological thriller.
A romantic comedy about two characters, in totally different life stages. Rachel Trammel is a first year lawyer and works for Cameron Blackstone. Each are at unsteady points in their lives and find that through their opposite personalities they encourage the other to become better versions of themselves. ​
A sweet and kinky love story.

Naturally His is a Dom/sub erotic romance series that follows Katy Andrews on a journey of self-discovery and independence after she gets an intriguing proposition from the charismatic Liam Scott.

She submits full obedience to his sexual commands.
He offers complete protection to her unwavering trust.
They together develop an unbreakable bond.

Kinky is definitely hot especially with an added splash of romance.

Some poetry for your pleasure... ENJOY!

Both poetry books are collections of poetry ranging from a simple flirt to the adventurous D/s lifestyle.

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Blonde Moxie
In this Noir Crime thriller, Detective Breck Nolan is called out to the horrific crime scene of missing blonde beauty, Camille Earhart. Through his investigation, he becomes enamored with her and finds she has left a trail of corrupt men in her wake. Will he ever find his missing blonde, or will she forever be an alluring enigma? 
Objections Overruled
An overwhelming physical attraction follows two criminal defense attorneys who meet at an annual conference in this romantic comedy. However, when emotions develop so does hesitation as a relationship is not what they are seeking. They begin questioning each other’s motives along with their own...should they give in to their temptations in spite of their objections? 
A Leather Doll 
in a Vanilla World

A naughty little kinkster's tale that leaves you aching and begging for more...On your knees. NOW.

Lorna finds herself playing with two guys from two different worlds. Lorna, never deterred, stays hopeful that one will be her Top match.