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Getting Him Off Sweetly
Take a satisfying bite of this delicious mysterotica, dripping with hot sex and tantalizing intrigue.

Investigative Paralegal Daisy Sinclair is shaken to the core when she comes across the brutal crime scene of someone she holds very dear to her heart along with witnessing her long-time friend and high school sweetheart Nikolaos “Niko” Papadopoulos standing over the victim and holding the murder weapon. Niko is quickly arrested as the prime suspect in the murder. Given her history with the suspect and being present at the crime scene, Daisy is thrown right in the middle of the police investigation as a person of interest by a homicide detective who has it out for her boss. Since Daisy has such a close personal connection to the victim and the suspect, she makes it her mission to find out who is responsible for the murder and to prove her friend’s innocence.

Dealing with such a personal loss, Daisy finds herself relying heavily on her partner and boyfriend, Criminal Defense Investigator, Warren Cole for the strength to get her through the investigation. Warren takes on the role with ease and as a result their relationship grows deeper. They find themselves not only searching for a murderer, but taking their relationship to the next level and searching for the perfect home to move into. Although not one place seems just right for Daisy, she finds herself faced with wanting more for the first time in her life and wondering if more involves the question with the ring.

During the investigation, Daisy comes across some shady and entertaining characters as well as undoubtedly finding trouble along the way. However, will she find the answers she is searching for, will the question arrive, and will the ring make an appearance? If so, is it what she ultimately wants and desires?

A sweet craving for more will be the only thing left once this tasty treat of an erotic thriller has been devoured.