romance / thrillers / poetry
stimulating the mind and body
one word at a time
There are two sides to every argument...

Her side...

Alexis ‘Lexi’ Marigold is an accomplished criminal defense attorney in California who has spent her entire life admiring and following in her father’s footsteps, even partnering and then taking ownership of his law office. When he unexpectedly passes away, it is a hard blow to her everyday existence, and she copes the only way she knows how by burying herself in her work. So, she is looking forward to letting off a little steam at the upcoming annual Criminal Defense Lawyers conference in St. Louis. 

His side...

Garrett Robicheaux is a power player amongst New England’s criminal defense attorneys. After many years of living his life to the fullest and working to become a partner in Boston’s preeminent law firm, Garrett begins questioning where this journey has brought him with the realization of how unfulfilled he is in his personal life. Although the yearly conference will not be much of a reprieve from his career-focused existence, it will be a welcome break from his every day stresses. 

And when fate stubbornly intervenes...

Luck seems to be in Lexi’s favor when she stumbles across this handsome stranger with the dreamiest blue eyes, Garrett, who is equally as pleased when his lovely distraction comes in the form of this stunning blonde with a twinkle in her eyes and an overwhelming attraction follows. Both quickly recognize there are emotions that exist beyond the physical, and hesitation develops as a relationship does not fit in either’s busy life, let alone each residing on their respective coasts. However, when chance keeps bringing them together, they begin questioning each other’s motives along with their own...should they give in to their temptations in spite of their objections? 

Which one will prevail in the end, or will they be guided to a truce?

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Objections Overruled